Foster Provider Liability

Who is covered?

All foster care providers in the State of Minnesota licensed by the Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections, approved by a tribal government or a court, and foster clients are automatically covered by the policy. Adult foster care providers must also live in the home with the clients and be the primary care giver.

What is covered?

Anything that you become legally obligated to pay as the result of your activities as a foster care provider. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Injury caused by a foster client
  • Injury caused by alleged negligent care by the foster care provider
  • Damage to someone else's property

In the event that something happens in your home that results in a claim, we will provide to you, at our cost, an attorney (if need be) and/or other claims professionals to help you deal with the situation. Your obligation is to cooperate with the investigation and defense of a claim.

The limits of the coverage are $500,000 per Claimant/$1,500,000 per incident, with a $3,000,000 annual aggregate. This is the limit for each licensed home.

Who is not covered

Basic exclusions to the policy include

  • Damage to any property that is owned by, rented to, or leased by the provider.
  • Dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious acts.
  • Any injury or property damage resulting from the operation or use of a motor vehicle.
  • Bodily Injury arising out of or resulting from sexual abuse of a minor.

What to do if you have a claim or an incident

If something should happen in your home that may result in a claim against you, it is your duty to notify the MJUA. We would rather know about hundreds of claims that don't turn into lawsuits than to miss one that does. Please follow the procedures for incident reporting from your county and include the MJUA on your list for notification.

Never be reluctant to give anyone the MJUA phone number or name. We would prefer to talk to people and address the situation directly rather than to let it grow into a larger problem.

We will need a written report of the incident, but would appreciate your phone call as well. If you have a question as to whether something is covered, please call. One phone call can save not only a lot of worry, but may solve the problem altogether.

If you have questions about the coverage or need to report a claim, please call Dan Haldorson, Claims Professional, MJUA at 651-222-0484 or 1-800-552-0013.

The information contained in this brochure is in no way meant to expand or limit the coverage of the policy that is discussed. It is simply a brief overview of the coverage and any question regarding the actual coverage of the policy is determined by the actual policy language.